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Discover more of our holistic services to lower your stress levels, increase your mood, and relieve health issues.

Cupping Treatments

Cost: $120 (60 minutes)

What is Cupping?

Cupping therapy is an ancient healing practice, dating back as early as 1500 B.C., that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction draws blood to the surface, enhancing faster healing by increasing blood flow to the affected areas, which speeds up the body’s natural healing process.

Benefits of Cupping:

  • Provides faster pain relief for conditions such as arthritis and lower back pain
  • Reduces symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Offers relief from lung diseases and breathing issues
  • Keeps the skin healthy
  • Relieves digestive problems
  • Assists in healing urinary diseases
  • Promotes relaxation
Other Holistic Modalities
Other Holistic Modalities
Other Holistic Modalities

Evidence-Based Therapies

Cost: $200 (90 minutes)

What are Evidence-Based Therapies?

Evidence-based therapies that fuse martial arts, massage, and yoga are creating a new category in bodywork, combining the best practices from each discipline to promote holistic health. These integrative, science-based therapies leverage the strength and flexibility training of martial arts, the muscle relaxation and pain relief of massage, and the stress reduction and mindfulness of yoga.

Together, these therapies offer a comprehensive approach to wellness that addresses physical and mental health, making them an effective and innovative solution for a wide range of health concerns.

Benefits of Evidence-Based Therapy:

  • Improves physical fitness and mental resilience
  • Enhances circulation and reduces muscle tension
  • Promotes flexibility, balance, and stress relief
  • Improves mental focus and discipline
  • Boosts overall well-being and body awareness
evidence-based therapy
evidence-based therapy
evidence-based therapy

Compression Boot Therapy

What are Compression Boots?

Compression boots, also known as compression therapy boots or pneumatic compression devices, are wearable devices designed to improve circulation and reduce swelling in the legs and feet. They consist of inflatable chambers that wrap around the legs and apply sequential compression from the feet upwards. This sequential compression helps to mimic the natural pumping action of muscles, facilitating the movement of blood and lymphatic fluid back towards the heart.

Benefits of Compression Boots:

  • Improved circulation
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced risk of blood clots
  • Alleviation of venous insufficiency symptoms
  • Treatment of lymphedema
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Comfort during long periods of sitting or standing
  • Post-surgical recovery support
  • Management of circulatory disorders
  • Relaxation and stress relief

Reiki & Energy Work

Cost: $120 (30 minutes) / $200 (60 minutes) / Past Life Regression $200 (120 minutes)

What is Reiki & Energy Work?

Reiki healing is a holistic therapy that involves a practitioner channeling universal life energy through their hands to the recipient’s body, either by gentle touch or hovering just above the skin. This practice is based on the concept that energy can become blocked in the body, leading to physical or emotional imbalances. By balancing energy and clearing blockages, Reiki helps people achieve a state of overall well-being, aiding in physical healing and emotional clarity.

Benefits of Reiki & Energy Work:

  • Restores energy balance in the body
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself
  • Clears energy blockages
  • Supports emotional well-being and mental clarity
  • Facilitates deep spiritual growth and personal transformation
reiki energy
reiki energy
reiki energy work

Kinesio Taping

Cost: $30 (20 minutes)

What is Kinesio Taping?

Kinesio Taping offers effective stabilization for injured areas. This specialized tape adheres gently to the skin, applying pressure to the underlying tissues and allowing the connective tissue to move naturally with the body.

Our Kinesio Taping sessions are always performed by a Licensed Massage Therapist or Licensed Acupuncturist.

Benefits of Kinesio Taping:

  • Prevents sprains and strains
  • Treats subluxations, tendonitis, and other muscle and joint injuries
  • Provides support and pain relief before, during, and after activities
  • Enhances recovery and performance
evidence-based therapy
evidence-based therapy
evidence-based therapy

 Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy

Cost: $75 (40 minutes) /  $90 (70 minutes)

What is Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy?

Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy is a personalized session designed to correct pelvic floor imbalances and improve overall stability and function through targeted yoga poses. This therapy combines the principles of yoga with specialized techniques to enhance pelvic health and support the body’s structural integrity.

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy:

  • Assessment and alleviation of pain and tension in pelvic floor
  • Strengthens core and glutes
  • Improves bladder and bowel control
  • Enhances sexual function and satisfaction
  • Promotes overall pelvic health and balance
evidence-based therapy
evidence-based therapy
evidence-based therapy

Arvigo Techniques of

Maya Abdominal Therapy

Cost: $135 (90 minutes)

What are Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy?

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy are ancient practices with techniques involving gentle, external abdominal massage to enhance circulation and promote the body’s natural healing processes, supporting overall reproductive and digestive health.

In addition to regular sessions and follow-ups, we offer prenatal sessions and follow-ups for mothers-to-be.


Benefits of Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy:

  • Improving fertility
  • Alleviating symptoms of menstrual disorders
  • Treats cyst pain
  • Relief from Endometriosis
  • Helps with digestive issues like constipation and IBS
evidence-based therapy
evidence-based therapy
evidence-based therapy

Herbs & Nutrition Counseling

Talking about herbs and nutrition is INCLUDED with Acupuncture Treatments. During your acupuncture treatment we are always willing to discuss nutrition and/or herbal therapies that could improve your healing & health goals. If we determine that herbs or supplements would be beneficial, and you choose to have us order them; only at that time would there be an additional charge. Any additional charges would simply be to cover the cost of the herbs or supplements.

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Other Holistic Modalities